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APRIL FOOLS!!! (Josie’s Diary)

AAAARRGGHHH! Nooomoooorrreeeee please ooooooooo take it away it started with sneezing and then coughing and the headaches and fever! its been four days now and its only gotten worse guys i'm dying i can feel it... eating up my legs hands my ears, my nose has fallen off, my neck is too skinny to carry… Continue reading APRIL FOOLS!!! (Josie’s Diary)


Funny things Nigerians do (READ!!!)

People!! How far? So you guys already know I'm Nigerian right but I also know lots of people of different nationalities and while some of them like Nigerians, most of them have some serious mixed feelings about us. so I made this post highlighting a few reasons why Nigerians are fun people. If you're Nigerian… Continue reading Funny things Nigerians do (READ!!!)

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WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SERIES FINALE   NOOOOOOOOO!!! After eight years with TVD, no more Damon and Stefan or Elena and Bonnie and Caroline? No more Matt Donovan and Alaric Saltzman? No more Enzo or Kai? No witches or cyphons  or vampires or heretics or sirens or well just no… Continue reading VAMPIRE DIARIES FINALE! (spoiler alert)


I’m done with Naija.

wake up call !


I know there is probably nothing I will say in this article that is new to anyone reading it, and if something is new to you, then I don’t know for you.

Join me…

Regardless, this rant must proceed.

Nigeria is, literally, one of the hardest places to live in on this planet. My God, this country is so fucking ridiculous. See, I am no longer a patriotic citizen. Ahn, I’m done. Kilode?

Cost of living is high, there is no light, no fuel to even give yourself light. And that is only the beginning. Living in Lagos – the oh-so-famous commercial hub of Nigeria – makes the whole situation seem ten times worse. There is no fuel, but there are traffic jams caused by people queuing for fuel all over the city. When you do manage to get fuel in your car, the useless roads will ruin the vehicle…

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Appreciating women around the world!

Hi guys! so MARCH 8  which was yesterday was International Women's day! First off let me use this opportunity to tell you ladies out there that you are BEAUTIFUL and you are STRONG! So keep being the best you can be everyday because the world does needs you! So many women all over the world… Continue reading Appreciating women around the world!