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Writer’s Block (Josie’s diary)

Hey guys! So if you’re following me you know that i’m kinda new to blogging, and it’s been great except I’ve got a bit of a situation… WRITER’S BLOCK! yes, I’ve been completely stuck and if anyone has noticed I haven’t posted in over a week. Everyday i take my computer and try to see if i can come up with something new and interesting but so far, nothing so interesting and then i thought; hey why not just make a post about it lol. A few people asked me when i’m going to upload something new on the blog and i just kept saying “i’m working on it” which I am really, I’ve drafted a couple stuff but they’re just not finished. I’m getting it done though, slowly but I am. Anyone out there who’s been in this situation too please feel free to help and tell me how you got through it, it’ll be appreciated!!

By the way a talented friend of mine made the drawings of me that you can see below. He’s really good and I think you guys should check out his page on IG @its_mr_breezy !! If you need any artworks done well now you know where to go.



Qkay people… until next time which definetly won’t be so long lol. Peeeacee!


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